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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Expected Features

Samsung made its customers joyful with a great experience for its Note line ups, Note , Note 2, and Note 3. And today we have a new next Generation Note, Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to release in September at IFA event in Berlin. Galaxy Note

5 Advantages of Cloud Printing

Cloud printing technology is becoming quite popular among businesses around the world. If you already have printers in your office connected to a network for better managing printing jobs and letting people access printers easily, you need a pat on your back. However, one could make network

How to Managing Printers And Reduce Printing Costs

Printers have, since their introduction, improved the quality of hard copy documents; quickly replacing the use of typewriters. Printers are easy to use, making them the most efficient and convenient devices to produce paper documents. These equipment, however, turn out to be among the most expensive to

POS system – Use Smartphone as a wallet

Next Wave of Payments Welcome to the age of cashless shopping, dining and payments. Other than credit cards, there are other means of payment that can be used so you don’t have to carry cash or cheques. The Point of Sales systems or POS offers convenient and

How to Find a Lost iPhone, ipad, iPod Touch.

Without cell phone a whole day, can’t imagine how it will be. The smartphone is now a part of our daily life, and I am sure that you and I all are addicted to it. We carry our cell phone device everywhere like shopping, office, outing, on

What you can expect Updated Google Glass?

Google Glass Overview Google glass is a wearable device designed by Google with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) or wearable computer. Sounds too technical? Ok, in simple language, it’s a device which can make out everything like your computer & Smartphone’s do & can be tied to

How to use Google Drive as online backup, storage and file sharing tools

Do you know what multiple purpose Google drives can be used? Google drive is an online cloud storage provided by Google. Google drive can be used for file sharing or data backup purpose. Additionally, it has Google docs which has office application collaboration and provide flexibility to

Android Silver devices, The next Google Series

ell, now that Google has officially confirmed that the Nexus program will not be affected by the upcoming Android Silver program, the Nexus flagship lovers have a sigh of relief. It was being rumored that Nexus 5 would have been the last in the Nexus series, but

Important Apps for Your Android Phone

Android is the most popular operating system used in smart phones. The other operating systems in the market are Windows, iOS & Blackberry, but Android is the King amongst all. The reason behind popularity of Android is its simplicity and user-friendliness. Today users want such a mobile