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Comparing Smartwatches: Apple Watch and other Top Brands

echnology never seizes to amaze, and this is evident with the introduction of smartwatches into the market. These handy devices let you keep your smartphone in your pocket by delivering all the notifications right to your wrist. You can receive messages, make calls, or store information without

Increasing Online Marketplaces in 2014

n Online marketplace is a kind of eCommerce website where third parties provide products and stock information; however the transactions are handled by the marketplace administrator. The way of shopping and business has been revolutionized by Online Marketplaces. Before introducing online marketplaces, if someone had old garments

Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S6 to have 20 MP camera

owadays, photography has made a vast presence in millions of people and had become passion for many. All those people would need Digital single-lens reflex cameras a.k.a. DSLRs but the problem arises when they need a Smartphone as well. At this time most of them try to

5 Internet Safety Tips for Teens

Do you spend a lot time surfing the web? If yes, you should also be cautious about things lurking on the dark side of it. Not only viruses, spammers and hackers, but a whole bunch of online predators are roving out there just to pounce on teens

How To Survive The Semester With The Help Of Technology

Weeks of going to school, attending lectures, doing projects, studying and sitting for exams can be exhausting and stressful. This has to be one of the core reasons why not many students are big fans of school or college. But now, through the adoption of cutting edge

What is Graphic design and career path as Graphic Designers

Career in Graphic design The way we generally work as a society has changed drastically over the last two hundred years or so. Societies have moved from economies which were based on agriculture, to economies which were based on industrialization. The most recent move has been to

Important Tips on Selecting the Best Cloud Computing Service Provider

loud computing has today become a major marketplace strategy for companies aiming to deliver world-class services to their customers over a range of channels. The platform has especially become crucial for companies involving high levels of online traffic. But with the availability of so many options at

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Expected Features

Samsung made its customers joyful with a great experience for its Note line ups, Note , Note 2, and Note 3. And today we have a new next Generation Note, Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to release in September at IFA event in Berlin. Galaxy Note

5 Advantages of Cloud Printing

Cloud printing technology is becoming quite popular among businesses around the world. If you already have printers in your office connected to a network for better managing printing jobs and letting people access printers easily, you need a pat on your back. However, one could make network