3 Times Cell Phone Spy Software Actually Saved Lives

In this day and age, we have resorted to digitalizing every little thing we do in our daily lives. And guess what? That could very well be a blessing in disguise. Devices and apps are not just helping us out by telling us where to go (Google Maps), or calling a cab for us (Uber), or suggesting places to eat (Foodspotting). They have also begun saving our lives.

Below are a few examples of how apps or technology in general have saved a life, and how you too can apply your knowledge and protect yourself and your family. Just know that a simple cell phone spy software goes a long way.


Kidnapped Girl Found With Tracker

In an amazing story, a 15-year-old girl from Yakima, Washington, was kidnapped by a group of men who flung her into the trunk of their car and took her to an unknown place. Within moments, the girl called 911 and asked them for help, telling them of her situation. All she could do was describe what she could hear around here. But really, that was all that was needed because she was tracked within a couple of hours of her phone call.

You need to take your kid’s security very seriously and take the necessary precautions. With your cell phone tracker like XNSPY you can:

  • Find their current GPS location
  • Listen to their phone surrounding.

911 Dispatcher Uses GPS Tracker

One day, a woman made a distressed call to 911 screaming that she has been kidnapped. Lucky for her, the dispatcher she talked to was quick on their feet and were able to track down her phone through GPS which ultimately found her and saved her life.

Tracing your family and loved ones is not just a paranoid precaution now—it is absolutely necessary. With your app, you can:

  • Create Geo-fences
  • Keep track of their location history

Utah Mom Becomes Social Media Supermom

When monitoring her son’s social media as a necessary precaution, this mom came across hate messages he was getting from his fellow students, threatening to shoot him. This made the mom go right to the authorities in fear. Upon proper inspection, the police found deadly weapons with the suspects.

If you’ve got teenagers at home that use a lot of social media, you need to keep a track of them. Your XNSPY cell phone tracker also lets you:

  • Spy on WhatsApp Conversations
  • Spy on Viber Conversations
  • Read Line Messages
  • View Kik chats

At the end of the day, yes, everything we do is being digitalized. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The older generation seems to think the app technology is good for anything. But the right apps used in the right way to save lives. That’s why XNSPY mobile spy app has been doing so well.

What about you? What do you do to ensure your kid’s safety when you are away from them?

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