5 Advantages of Cloud Printing

Cloud printing technology is becoming quite popular among businesses around the world. If you already have printers in your office connected to a network for better managing printing jobs and letting people access printers easily, you need a pat on your back. However, one could make network printing much easier with the new technology in printing called as cloud printing. Cloud printing is a technology which lets your printers to be remotely connected to any computer that is connected to the Internet. There are several big names providing cloud printing services. The most noticeable one of them is Google Inc. With Google drive and Google Cloud Print is one of the most popular cloud printing service right now. HP has a similar service called ePrint and there are other players like, Xerox, and Konica who seem to be interested in cloud printing. For beginners, we highly recommend Google’s cloud printing service.

5 Advantages of Cloud PrintingImage source: Google cloud printing

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of cloud printing

Before we discuss about all the wonders of cloud printing, we shall also take a look at some of the disadvantages of this new technology – because we like to keep it real. Cloud printing is quite an exiting technology, convenient to use, and takes network printing to new heights, however there are some disadvantages. Printers are not infallible – say you are printing a document on a printer in your office, from your home computer. You can’t be sure if the document you just sent for printing came out right. Printers are prone to paper jams, power and ink issues. If the machine is low on printer ink, you will have to call someone up to check or swap cartridges, or all the brand new cartridges that you bought are going to sit around in the shelf while your machine spits our dull or blank papers.

Good Bye! Drivers

Printer drivers installation and configuration might sometimes give hard time to even the most tech savvy computer users out there. With cloud printing you can finally say good bye to the endless driver and compatibility issues that you have to deal with, with traditional printing. You don’t need to install the right printer drivers in your computer to print from your computer or mobile device. All you need to do is use cloud printing. All the files your send for printing goes to your printer over the Internet, through the cloud printing service. Since you computer doesn’t communicate with your printer directly, you don’t have to install the drivers and all you need is a computer or mobile device connected the Internet.

Print from anywhere

With cloud printing, it really doesn’t matter where you live. A user who is sitting next the printer is not much different from the one trying to print from a different continent. Because all the files that are being sent to the printer are sent though the Internet. There is also a new breed of printers available in the market called Cloud-ready printers. These printers can be registered with cloud printing services. Once registered, they will be connected to the Internet and will be able to keep the drivers up-to-date without you doing anything.

Works for most printers

Cloud printing not only works with cloud-ready printer but can also work with any type of network printer you have at you office or home. So it really doesn’t matter if you have several printers in your office, you really don’t have to upgrade or replace them to make use of cloud printing. However, if you happen to have an archaic dot-matrix printer, you can’t expect it to work with a service like Google Cloud Print.


Cloud printing services can work not only for individuals, and small and medium businesses, but also for huge enterprises. We have even heard it from the horse’s mouth. Google earlier informed that they have connected thousands of printers that they use internally to their cloud service and Google is one of the largest tech companies out there. So cloud printing can be easily scaled and meet requirements of organizations large and small.

Safe and secure

When we are talking about office documents, we are talking about serious and confidential information. Most cloud printing services out there, use HTTPS connection to add an additional layer of security. The documents and pictures you send to be printed are deleted from the cloud as soon as they are printed. You also choose to keep them on the server for a while and purge them manually.

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