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How to backup android phone, Reset and Restore

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Now a day’s backup android phone is must for everyone. Till date maximum android cell phones support up to 32 GB storage SD card space due to which users prefer to store and carry their data on mobile phones. The data may include your captured moment in photos and videos, your important document files and contacts as well and nobody wants to lose it. But what if your mobile phone lost, stolen or corrupt internal memory or external storage SD card? So you must have a backup copy of your important android mobile phone data with you in a safe place. Sometimes due to virus or device malfunction you need to factory reset and format Memory card of android phone. Your backup should be updated time to time, so it can be used for restoring latest backup android phone in such circumstances. This paragraph onward I will explain step by step how to backup android phone, reset or factory reset android phone and restore backed up data.

Backup android phone data on PC computer

  1. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable.
  2. As soon as you connect, on android phone screen shows the prompt “USB connected – Turn on USB storage” tap on Turn on USB storage. If you missed this option, then slide down phone upper notification bar and tap the “USB Connected” notification it may be different in different models of phone.

Connect Android phone backup to PC -How to backup android phone, Reset and Restore

  1. Android phone internal and external memory device now detected on your PC and shown in my computer additional disk drive as “removable Disk”. It also gives you a popup of auto play for the storage drive, select “Open folder to view files”.
  2. Sometimes computer prompts for “scan and fix removable disk” skip this scanning by clicking on continue without scanning.
  3. Open the removable disk drive and you will find the list of folders, which content your installed application root folders and data like Whatsapp, games, personal data and settings. Internal and external Storage having folder name DCIM which content your photos and videos.
  4. Now you have to backup android phone data on your computer or laptop. If you want to take selective backup, then select folders and data which ever you want to backup or take a complete memory copy for backup. Copy data and paste on your computer hard drive, preferably create a folder name with date and time for identifying it in future.
  5. After you are done with android phone backup, on phone tap on “Turn off USB storage” and disconnect USB cable.
  6. Before you proceed further make sure you have backed up your memory contact. Memory card contacts are secure and encrypted form so it’s not readable on the memory card. I recommend you to export and sync contact to your Google account. You can also save internal memory contact to external SD card, contact >Option>import/export.

Backup contacts - How to backup android phone, Reset and Restore

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How to reset or factory reset android phone

If your phone apps working slow and android phone itself gives a poor performance, then it time for the factory reset android phone. Factory reset will erase all data and setting on the cell phone and restore default manufacturer settings.

  1. Depending on your manufacturer you will find a factory reset option in one of the below place or option.
  • Select the “Privacy settings” on your Android phone and scroll down to “Factory reset” OR
  • Select the settings >”Backup and reset” and scroll down to “Factory reset”
  • ¬†Tap the factory data reset and confirm it will erase all data from the internal memory card and settings.

Factory reset Android phone -How to backup android phone, Reset and Restore

Restore backup android phone Data on Android phone

Before you start restore backup on Android phone, install apps which you were using and wish to use further. It will help you to restore most of the application data history as the previous state by overwriting existing application folders like Whatsapp.

  1. Follow the first 5 steps which describe in How to backup android phone data.
  2. Select you require data and past in internal and external storage as per your convenient or same as previous state.

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  1. Dear Vasant, I want to read one of my important mesaages (from my previous phone number) stored in the backup of Whatsapp messages stored in my PC. I dont have that old number now. How to read from those backup messages ? Pls guide.

    • Hi Manoj,
      Backup messages nothing to do with your mobile number. Just go ahead and restore PC backup on your new mobile as describe in my article. You will surely get your old messages. Before proceed take your current whatsapp messages backup for future reference.

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