How to Backup and Restore Whatsapp Messages on Android

Whatsapp has become most popular messaging app in today’s world. WhatsApp was founded by Koum and Brian Acton, both are Yahoo ex-employees. Whatsapp application is absolutely free download and usage for first year and onwards they are charging US $ 0.99 per year. In comparison to usage and popularity the charged cost is negligible. Almost every android smart phone user is using the Whatsapp. My friends and teammates also using it for information sharing and to get fast respond in the group chat. My BOSS also used to share the official announcement of Whatsapp group chat, because he know all team members are active on Whatsapp more than work email.

Every messaging solution has the backup and restore option so Whatsapp does too. If you feel your messages, videos and files are important then you must have to take Whatsapp backup. It might require for future reference or you may want it on your another new Android smart phone.

Here I will explain how to take Whatsapp backup on your Android Smartphone it as well on your desktop or laptop.

Note: – Whatsapp automatically Backup’s everyday at 4:00 a.m.

Whatsapp Conversations messages backup:-

  • Access your Android Smartphone and open Whatsapp messenger, then press the Menu key and tap the settings. Shown in the below image.

Whatsapp Backup settings

  • Next, tap the Chat Settings to open the settings menu – see image below.

Whatsapp Chat Settings

  • On the opening screen you will see the option called Backup Conversation. Just select that option, it will back up your Whatsapp messages.
Whatsapp Backup Conversation Whatsapp Backup message

That’s it, now your Whatsapp messages have been backed up.

How to Restore Backup on Same Device/Smartphone:-

  • If Whatsapp messenger deleted from your device accidently or you deleted it for some reason, then your data will be lost. If you have any recent backup copy, then no worry, you can resort that backup on the same device and get data till the last backed up date. Download a Whatsapp from Google Play store and install on your Smartphone.

Whatsapp download

  • Now Open Whatsapp messenger, the Welcome screen will appear just click on I Agree and Continue.

Whatsapp Installation

  • Enter your mobile number for complete the verification process. On the next popup screen appear asking you that make you want to Restore your Whatsapp message just tap to restore. Below image is shown the process of restoring messages. That’s it your backup messages are successfully restored.

Whatsapp Backup and restore

How to Transfer Whatsapp Backup to PC or laptop:-

  • Connect your Android Smartphone to your PC or Laptop through a USB cable. Your PC will auto detect your Smartphone, and your phone screen shows popup USB connected. You have to tap the option “turn on USB storage” for getting access permission (read / write) from PC to phone and vice versa.
  • After detecting your phone storage on PC open internal storage and search for folder Whatsapp. If you unable to find it, then it will be residing on the external storage SD card. It’s a folder which created by Whatsapp at the time of installation. This folder is used for storing all the files, videos, and Backup files etc. I am suggesting you to just copy whole folder and save it on your PC or laptop in safe place. That’s it you have done backing up Whatsapp on PC or laptop

How to Transfer Whatsapp Backup from PC to another Android Phone:-

  • You already have a Whatsapp backup file on your computer, now you can restore it on your newly bought Smartphone or existing Smartphone. Make sure you have installed the Whatsapp application before starting restore process. If you do not have it installed, download it from Google Play Google Play store and install the same. There is no special configuration require.
  • Next step, connect your phone to PC or laptop which already have your Whatsapp backup file. On the phone internal storage search the Whatsapp folder if not found, it will be residing on external storage. Whatsapp created this folder at the time of installation.
  • Last step, rename or delete Whatsapp folders on the phone storage and copy backup folder from PC to phone storage on same location. That’s it, now disconnect phone from the PC and check your Whatsapp messenger, it will have your old messages, video backup files and everything.

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  • GAF

    Hi Vasant! I have a problem with the restoration of a former backup of my messages on my Samsung Galaxy. I followed the steps recommended by whatsapp’s website concerning restoration from a backup, but it failed. Whatsapp restores only last messages, not the former ones. I have identified that names of my backups differ from what they should be: for example, backup of 12 July appear to be “msgstore-2014-07-12.1.db”, and not “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7”, as mentioned on Whatsapp’ restoration steps. The word “crypt” appears nowhere. Can it be the reason why my device doesn’t restore old messages, but only the last ones? Thanks for helping! :-)

  • sonal

    I did the steps you have mentioned but could not restore my chats…could you plzzzzz help me
    I have to recover my chats till 5th of June…I have a whatsapp backup which is made at 4 am daily..i have the entire databases folder copied to my PC before my phone was reset.

    Plz help me recover my chats

    • Vasant Sakpal

      If you have backup folder with you then just install fresh new whatsapp, do not restore anything if it ask for backup found. then configure whatsapp with your detail and then find the whatsapp folder on your phone memory, rename it and copy backup folder with same folder name as “WhatsApp”
      This will get your old messages back what ever include in folder.

      • sonal

        Hi..thanks for replying…just to confirm the steps…i should install whatsapp first and if asks me for backup found…i should select “No Thanks” option and then after the whatsapp has been installed, i should copy my backup folder???
        are these steps need to be followed???
        also,if the backup folder is already there in my phone…should i delete it and then install whatsapp??

        • Vasant Sakpal

          Correct… Try this steps, It works.
          My self tried and verified this method.

          • sonal

            hey..i did the following steps but still could not recover my chats:-
            1. I deleted the whatsapp folder from my phone
            2. I installed whatsapp from the play store
            3. As soon as I opened it, it started initializing…it did not ask me for restore(as there was no whatsapp folder in my phone)
            4. After installing whatsapp, I copied my backup folder in my phone.

          • sonal

            Hi..i think there is some version issue…i have the database whose files have extension crypt5 while the latest one has crypt7…could you please help on this.

            • Vasant Sakpal

              Yes, You are right, with the new update of whatsapp database files created with the crypt7 extension.
              Honestly as of now I am not aware how to restore old messages with new version. I will find the workaround and let you know ASAP.

  • nandkishor bande

    i have micromax dnt have external mem card. how to do all?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      If no external memory card available then WhatApp folder must be found in internal memory.
      WhatsApp default installed location is also internal memory card. Go ahead the steps describe in article and let me know if any issues..

  • copeland lee

    here is a video of extracting whatsapp messages from samsung galaxy, and it works with all android smartphones

  • MyFriend

    I have few sent images in the sent folder, But how would I know to whom it has been sent.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      I have checked on my side unfortunately its not showing to whom I have sent it… I will workaround on it and let you know the result.

  • Khairina Razin

    Hi, I’ve done exactly what’s stated to restore my messages. Up to the point where it said “Continue” and my messages and old chats are supposed to appear, but theres nothing? Help please :

    • Vasant Sakpal

      The restore is as simple as rename existing WhatsApp folde on phone and copy backedup folder with same Whatsapp folder name.
      Did you copy ur backup with same name that is WhatsApp?

      • Mike

        Hi! I have almost exactly same problem. I reinstalled Whatsapp, the app says it found chat history to restore and then after 2 minutes of “restoring” it says “sorry we were unable to restore your chat history”… It happens to every copy from past 7 days!i changed name correctly to msgstore.db.crypt5 and nothing. what is more I figured out that it can restore my very old copy called “msgstore.db.crypt” which is the first crypt file and can’t restore crypt5 files!!! The ones that the app is now saving! What the heck???? I wrote to whatsapp support but they left me with no answers. Please help me as soon as possible because now this crypt5 chat history files have 7 days before they gonna be useless… Thanks in advance.

        • Vasant Sakpal

          It seems that your existing msgstore is corrupted or not able to restore for some reason. I would suggest to install Whatsapp with no backup (backup and remove existing whatsapp folder) so does not ask for backup found and restore option. then simply rename newly created backup folder and paste you old backup folder with same name.
          Try this and let me know.

          • Mike

            Still no change. But it was wired… I deleted all whatsapp files, apk, folders, everything. Then installed app from my downloads folder on SD and it also said that it found chat history and if I want to restore it 😮 of course nothing happend again and I still have blank page with no conversations. Even after steps you told me to do. I deleted everything, then downloaded app from play store. Then renamed “database” folder and put there my “old” database folder. Nothing happend ;/ Any other ideas?

  • Phil

    I try to backup whatsapp but it only stores in Internal SD card, please help me if I want to backup in external SD Card instead. My phone is Samsung Galaxy.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Yes, You can specify any location while installing the Whatsapp application.
      It will not movable once installed. If you really wanna move it to external SD card then first take backup and uninstall whatsapp and reinstall. with new destination.

  • Vasant Sakpal

    Okay then, just confirm at the end you have folder name “WhatsApp”
    for just a workaround rename restored kies folder and create new folder manually by name “WhatsApp then transfer all backup file from renamed folder to this and try out.

    • Ni

      I did as you suggested and still no change. So now I have changed the file so taken off (renamed without)CRYPtT5 I also instead of saying yes to all when the error pops up I have said no! I check and it paste all the same information so now I have to wait for whatsapp to verify my phone 39mins as I’ve installed it too many times. Will let you know if it makes a difference. I obsessed I have to work it out!! OCD . Thanks for helping me so far.

  • Vasant Sakpal

    I have replied to your messages as per my best knowledge. last issue I found that you Whatsapp backup folder name is “WhatsApp n” make it “WhatsApp” as default and try to restore it back.
    Let me know the result.

    • Ni

      The whatsappn didn’t make a difference as I originally had it as just whatsapp and it still wasn’t working! OK so I’m I meant to change all the file type in the database to just CYPT without the 5?

      • Vasant Sakpal

        not require, I cross checked on my Whatsapp backup, It is crypt5 only.

  • savio

    I changed my phone n I have only whatsapp database n media folder which I had copied from the phone memory to sd card and I factory rested my cell so all my remaining data is deleted and I transferred my database files to new cell n tried to install whatsapp on my new cell but it does not gives me the option to restore :( please help I hv chats of past 3years n really means a lot to me I want my chats back please help I tried what you said but did not help :( plz help … P.S .. the database files are more thn 15 dais old

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Savio,
      For detecting prompt restore backup, WhatsApp setup need to find and detect old whatsapp backup files on same installation folder. So make sure you have copy old backup in the phone memory root with folder name “WhatsApp” this the default location for whatsapp application.
      Suggesting you to again remove whatsapp and respective WhatsApp folder from phone storage. and copy your older backup in the same location and then reinstall whatsapp application, it will detect your old bbackup and prompt for restore it.

  • Ni


    • Vasant Sakpal

      These are the backup files created by whatsapp itself which run backup every morning 4.00 AM it stores 7 days backup and rewrite last backup.
      If you want to restore any particular date backup then you have to rename it to the default name as the first files shows in pic “msgstore.db.crypt5

  • Ni

    Here are a couple images look at the properties for the different folder files.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      PTT 20131230 WA0000.aac file extension related to music file, is this error coming while copying or restoring only Whatsapp folder backup ?

      • Ni

        It only comes up when I’m pasting folder in to phone internal memory.

  • Ni

    E I did that many times and it just keeps saying (the phone when I drag that whatsapp fold from kies to put in replace of my internal phone memory) it won’t recognize the file it’s a CYRPT5 instead of CYRPT I need to somehow get my phone to recognize the formate in order for it to read. I have the whatsapp folder and it has all the data. It just not transferring back on my phone when on delete and replace the whatsapp on my phone. I will take a pic of the error mess.

  • Ni

    Hi I have a repaired phone that no longer recognize my phone on kies and I can’t transfer information back on phone. I do have the kies whatsapp back up but when I try to move it from my pc to my phone the file isn’t recognized? I by mistake backed up conversation on my phone for new messages with nothing on it. So really want to find away of getting kies whatsapp back up on my sg4s
    Can you advice

  • Arva

    Hello sir :)
    i would like to know whether the above mentioned Method of BACKUP can be applicable whenone is using Whatsapp in laptop through Bluestacks app player?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Arva,

      I have tested WhatsApp on my laptop through Bluestacks and also written a post how to install and use it “”
      I have got the Whatsapp data at bluestack data folder which is specify while installation. all data looks as good as phone whatsapp backup so it should work without any issue.
      I will test it for confirm work and let you know.

  • Arva

    Hello Sir :)
    I wanted to know whether the above mentioned method of backup can be applicable when we are using Whatsapp in Laptop through Bluestacks App player?

  • Jay

    I’ve cleared data of whatsapp ( In application manager – where you see clear data, clear cache and force stop option) and now I’m not able to see any old conversations. I’ve tried a lot to uninstall and install latest version of whatsapp again but I wasn’t able to access it. Now I’m able to use whatsapp but I lost all my old conversation. Please help me out in this.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hello Jay,
      It seems you have cleared all the WhatsApp data ( messages and media files.
      Unfortunately WhatsApp dose not store any data on the server so reinstallation of Whatsapp will not get back your messages.
      If you have backup copy then only able to restore the messages till last backedup date.
      for a last try check out your storage memory whatapp folder if old data is present then we will restore it. else no chance to recover your deleted whatsapp history.

      • Jay

        Thanks a lot Vasant…I appreciate that :-)

  • sanyukta

    I need a help…my WhatsApp back up is older like 14-15 days old!
    I can’t restore it…but I need to…its really important and urgent! :'(
    Help please!

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Sanyukta,
      Have you follow the steps which I demonstrate in the article? let me know what exact issue you are facing.

      You have to just find out whatsapp folder on your memory card and replace with your backup folder with same “Whatsapp” folder name. all data media, settings messages reside in the Whatsapp folder.

      Just try and let me know the result or detail issue

      • Ni

        Hi I really need help ! I have backed up my sg4s on kies and then my phone hardware got fixed so when I tried to connect my phone it didn’t recognize it and it wouldn’t update but it deleted all kies and uninstalled but would reinstall. I managed to save whatsapp kies fold before it went into repair but when I connect my phone and find the whatsapp folder to try and replace it with the backed up version it says it can read it cyprt5 file?? P.s I my accident backed up whatapp. On my phone with the new messages so that’s the only one I can retrieve. How can I transfer the whatsapp kies file to my ssg4

        • Vasant Sakpal

          Take out Whatsapp folder manually and follow the steps as describe in the post, other way is remove Whatsapp application on the phone, delete or rename existing whatsapp folder on the phone. Copy your backed up folder with same name as “WhatsApp” in the same location as previous. then download and install whatsapp app again and at the configuration it will detect your whatsapp backup and ask you fore restore it. just try and let me know the result

          • Ni

            This is what happens once I download whatsapp I get another fold appear and different into once opened. Again it only opens my new messages

          • Ni

            Error message I get when I deleted and replace with backup fold of kies whatsapp

          • Ni

            The difference between the two files CYRPT AND CYPT5.

          • Ni

            Other one. ..sorry if these messages keep posting more times.

          • Ni

            Folders once opened

          • Ni

            Hey Vasant, just want to know if your getting my messages/ files as I can’t see them on here? Thanks.

      • Ni

        Hi I really need help ! I have backed up my sg4s on kies and then my phone hardware got fixed so when I tried to connect my phone it didn’t recognize it and it wouldn’t update but it deleted all kies and uninstalled but would reinstall. I managed to save whatsapp kies fold before it went into repair but when I connect my phone and find the whatsapp folder to try and replace it with the backed up version it says it can read it cyprt5 file?? P.s I my accident backed up whatapp. On my phone with the new messages so that’s the only one I can retrieve. How can I transfer the whatsapp kies file to my sg4s

        • Vasant Sakpal

          At first let me know that have you find the the Whatsapp default data store folder in the backup? even in the kies backup process you will find the folder hierarchy on the PC stored location. If you got the WhatsApp folder and inside data then you can restore it back on the phone and retrive messages till last backup run.

          • Ni

            As you can sew by pic the file is on my phone but won’t read it once i download whatsapp and put my number in the new messages are there

            • Vasant Sakpal

              It seems your whatsapp folder name is additional character “n”.
              this may be the cause of not detecting old backup. check it and make the folder name as default “WhatApp”

  • Angenal

    Great tips. As you probably know, restoring from backup to another android would wipe your current data with those in the backup. So this method could only be used if you have a very new target Android Phone. If you want to merge chats on Android Phone when restoring chats from old backup, I recommend a program called Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer. No message lost. Hope it helpful.

  • Maunang

    How can i use my same whatsapp acount for both pc and Andrroid mobile ata a same time???

    • Vasant Sakpal

      By Default Whatsapp not supported to work on PC. But yes there is workaround to get it work.
      I will explore more on this topic and let you know very soon.

  • Maunang

    hi vasant
    Can i use same whatsapp account for my android mobile and for PC at a same time????
    Please help me

  • Dolly

    hello dear,
    aap sabki kitni help karte hain iska andaja bhi aap nhi laga sakte, thnks sir,, meri prob. ye h ki mere hubby pr mughe doubt h, wo har samay phone per hi lage rahte hain, wo whatsapp ki chat sab delete kar dete hain ,,jaisa aapne bataya h maine data wapas lane ki koshish ki par kuch solution nhi hua, wo data aaya ya nhi aaya par kahin show hi nhi hua,, ye beckup agr wapas aata h to kahan store hota hai ,,,plz m bahut mushkil me hun plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me sir ,,,,,,,,

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Check the backup in a “Whatsapp” folder on phone storage.

  • Vaibhav

    Hi Vasant,

    My question deviates a bit from the the topic. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to recover my chat history which is now 13 days older. Whatsapp just doesn’t prompt me to restore the messages. I now only have a single msgs…crypt5 file in my Whatsapp database, and it still wouldn’t prompt me!

    Is it that I’ve lost my chat history? Any help? :)

  • Vaibhav

    Hi Sir,

    My question actually deviates in a way that I’m unable to restore my chat history on my existing phone itself!

    Problem occured last night when I re installed whatsapp and it didn’t prompt me to restore the messages found! I checked the directory and I do have the 32 mb sized file of msgs….crypt.

    I’ve tried iy 2 or 3 times now but it just doesn’t bother to ask me if I wanted to restore my chat history.

  • Anthonny

    Hey dear , in my case , i put database folder in other android phone , whatsapp show me that recovery backup syccessfully , but dont show the messages . What i do wrong

    • Vasant Sakpal

      In normal scenario, it should get your messages, Let me investigate on this.
      Also let me know whether you are able to get your media files (pictures and videos) ?

  • Viv

    Hi Vasant,

    Thank you for posting this helpful guide. I followed all of your instructions to transfer my backup files from my old android phone to my new android phone, different brand. I had a few issues with replacing the WhatsApp file of the new phone but was finally able to do it. The new phone asked to restore my backup file but non of my messages are there. It shows only the group chats I created but no data inside. Please could you help?


    • Vasant Sakpal

      Please check that msgstore file is present in whatsapp/database folder. If not check original database folder and copy paste all files

      • Viv

        Hi Vasant,
        The msgstore folder is present. Nevertheless, I uninstalled WhatsApp and re-copied everything again (for the 20th time) from my old phone to the PC then from the PC to the WhatsApp folder of the new phone. All the files are there: .Share, .trash, Backups, Databases, Media, Profile Pictures.
        I restore. It says complete. But yet again all that I see is the list of group chats with their corresponding picture (if applicable) and my broadcasts. The group chats have the correct date and tells me who joined the group. None of them have any chat history. Of course there is no chat history in my one to one chats either. In the phone gallery, it sees the WhatsApp images and videos. I am extremely frustrated. The new phone is a Nexus 5.

        • Macros

          Hi Viv, or you can try a 3rd party utility name Android WhatsApp Transfer from Backuptrans. It provides a directly way to move history from one android to another. Easy to use.

          Cons: Not free.

  • Dilip Kumar

    I have purchase mobile moto g. In whatsApp application, if i am downloading picture or image after 3 days..
    Message shows is :sorry this media file doesn’t exist on your sd card.

    please tell me the solution

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Dilip,
      Default media (whatsapp images and videos) store on phone storage whatsapp folder. By default whatsapp settings are download media automatic on phone storage.
      If you have not changed any settings then firstly check your files available in the phone storage “whatsapp” folder.
      According to your error message, it seems to be files are not found on default SD card location. It means media files are not downloaded as default settings. You might change it to manual download. If so, then whenever after a couple of days you are trying to download it searched the media files on the sender location, which is not there and removed.
      I hope this, clear your doubt. Feel free to ask if still you have any doubt.

      • Jimmy

        Hi vasant,
        In order to back up my files, I tried copying the folder ot my Pc, however, I get an empty folder no my PC. It just refuses to show me the encrypted file. Si I obviously cannot copy it to my new phone. I cannot transfer it over bluetooth/gmail or any other sharing option since it is a 50 mb file.How do I solve this?

        • Vasant Sakpal

          The encryption should not be creating any issue of copying data on your PC.
          I would suggest to copying whole Whatsapp folder on your PC and restore it on your phone.
          Before restore it rename existing whatsapp folder on the phone.
          Try it and let me know the result.

  • Dilip Kumar

    I have purchase mobile moto g. In whatsApp application, if i am downloding picture or image after 3 days..
    Message shows is :sorry this media file doesn’t exist on your sd card.

    please tell me the solution

  • zack

    i copied the whole folder to my laptop..
    then copied it to my note 3 but nothing happened..

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Have u rename backup folder with same default name ” whatsapp” ?

  • hamood

    hello sir, simply I did all steps you have mentioned above and the problem I am facing is, while restoring I got old messages instead of newly ones ( note: I backup suuccessfully), then I tried to delete the old database backup files from 2-3 days back but still problem is there while restoring it does not ask me to restore my backups. Nice blog BTW

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Hamood,
      If you have backup copy then just rename existing “Whatsapp” folder on the phone and restore your whatsapp backup same as “WhatsApp” folder name.
      It’s sure you will get all messages and data from the backup.

  • Peter K

    Dear Vasant,

    Someone did a hard reset on my samsung s3 mini using the external buttons. They can do this without having any password or similar, which is unbelievable to me. In any case, when I reinstalled whatsapp, it never went into “do you want to restore”-mode, just straight into normal use mode. The whatsapp folder is and was still there on the sd card, containing one “megastore” database file, and a bunch of BAK files. I made a copy of the folder before reinstalling the app, but not sure that’s of any use.

    What am i doing wrong? Did the hard reset swipe the sd card as well? doesn’t sound right since the folder is still there, with files.

    Many thanks,

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Peter,
      Hard reset will not delete or format SD card (external memory card) data.
      In normal mode just install fresh Whatsapp application (if not yet install). Even you installed check out the default application folder “WhatsApp” at phone memory location if not found check in SD card. I prefer to rename it by other name and restore your backup at same location by same name “WhatsApp”.
      Try this and let me know the result.

    • Peter K

      Hi Vasant,

      Very much appreciate you answer. Two things:

      1. Your advice unfortunately didn’t work. On my computer, I had an old copy of the folder located on the SD card, copied right after the hard reset, before re-installing the app. I’ve re-installed since, to try a few things, but now un-installed and replaced the folder on the SD with the old one. Then upon re-installing, the app creates a Whatsapp folder on the phone (was it there before?), then updates the BAK files in the Whatsapp folder on the SD card, and then stops bothering with them entirely. Additional backup runs don’t update the files in the SD folder at all. When re-installing, the app did ask if I wanted to restore from backup, which it didn’t the first time. However, even though I had replaced the SD folder with the old one from the SD card from just after the wipe, it just restored the most recent messages. It seems, the app has decided to store a bunch of stuff in the folders located on the phone and just does some sort of update of the folder on the SD card when re-installed, then does everything out of the folders on the phone, including back-ups. At this point, I’m ready to give up on the old chats in the original back-up, I just want to make sure that the back up is made on the SD card, not on the phone, which apparently can be wiped at any time.

      2. I don’t understand why Whatsapp stores backups locally, when it’s otherwise cloud based. Lots of trouble, lots of risk of losing data, and the only upside I can see for anyone is for Whatsapp, if it helps them lower their own cost by not using storage space for backups on their cloud. Hope Facebook changes this, especially since it seems they will be charging for the app. (No one would ever accept email backups being stored locally only, or Facebook chats)

      Many thanks,

  • raaj

    how can i restore my whtsapp msgs back in new phn

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Raaj,
      I hope you have an old whatsapp messages backup with you. On the new phone install the new whatsapp application. Default folder location will be your internal Storage memory card, just rename that “whatsapp” folder and copy your backup old whatsapp folder with the same name. That’s it.
      Whole process explains in the post with more detail. Please go through it and let me know if you have any issue.

  • jigg

    dude i want to delete my whatsapp current no forever & no1 will be able to see me again on that no.. now my question is if copy d backup files by some other name & install whatsapp on some other no will i be able to get those msg back on whatsapp ??

  • azzam

    Hi sir. I didnt do any backup. But i still have my messagestores in the databases file . Is there any way to restore my chats?
    Thanks :)

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Azzam,
      As I mentioned in my article whatsapp auto backup schedule at 4 AM everyday. you always have fresh backup copy in your root folder.
      You can restore your chat on any device and number. just follow the procedure mentio9n in above post.
      Let me know if found any difficulty.

  • Nitesh

    You have explained the procedure in very simple steps. I never thought creating a back up would be that easy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Nitesh,
      Thanks for your valuable comment and time. Keep Visiting Bro :-)

  • sonam

    How can i read my messages that are stored in d backup. if i open it shows some code language.
    is there any way i can translate them?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Sonam,
      For Security perspective Whatsapp store all messages in encrypted format hence its not readable other than whatsapp application.
      You can restore messages on any whatsapp number and mobile handset and read from there. I hope my explanation clear your query.

  • Suresh babu

    sir I wanna delete my backup in watsapp plz tell me any possibility.

  • Eric

    I use a Galaxy DUOS, and I weird enough I wanna know how to delete all my chat history and how to stop it from backing up every 4am. I need a chat to stay DELETED when I delete it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Eric,
      WhatsApp chat history backup is not related to mobile handset or Android version. You will find the chat history on the internal media (or external media if you are select it while installation) Whatsapp folder in file manager. delete whole content will be result in whatsapp backup and history deletion.
      Ecery day 4 AM backup option is set in application default settings and I beleive its not controllable or changeable.
      I Hope you got your all answer, Let me know any further query.

  • Rebecca

    Hi,my samsung galaxy sII just died on me out of a sudden the other day. I have tonnes of history in that phone but I didnt have SD card to back up my whatsapp history. Now I couldnt switch on my SII. Is there any way for me to recover the history from that phone and transfer to my Note 2? Thanks!

  • Fahim


    I have an urgent query.
    Firstly i would like to DELETE my account from (settings/account/deletemyaccount) – for android. Then i will also unistall application. My question is that after I have deleted account associated with my mobile number and in a couple of weeks decide to download application again with the same number, will the restore option still be available? (as i deleted my account and number internally).

    Please note that I have made backup of all chats already. But my worry is if they will be erased to due to disassociating my number with whatsapp.

    Sorry to waste your time, hope to hear soon,
    Many Thanks

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Fahim,
      You can restore all chat backup on the same number and same mobile without hesitation, It will work 100%. Backup file is not bind to any cell number or handset. You can restore an use on another number and handset as well. I tried it my self so I pretty sure it will work

      Go for the restore process and let me know if you need further help.

  • BK

    Thanks for your comprehensive instructions. Took me a while cos this is my first time doing so but the other comments helped. Thanks so much, all my conversations are restored! (:

  • amir

    hey i have my whatsapp back up but its as old as 7 months … can i stil restore it ??

  • Saurabh Singh

    Hi Sir,

    I have lost my mobile two days before and i m going to buy new android phone can i backup my whatsaap data.But i am using the same no through which i have verified my whatsapp.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Saurabh Singh.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      If you have whatsapp backup (already taken) before lost your phone then yes you can restore on new phone even with the same number. If no backup taken then no chance to get your old whatsapp data.

  • vips

    Hi Vasant,
    I want to delete my whats app application from my android phone for few days, what I want to know is, If I delete the app from my Phone, will I still remain the admin of the groups which I created or I will be removed from admin post ?
    Also, when i re-install the whats app, (as i never de-registered whats app from server but deleted app only from mobile) will I receive the messages which people have sent to me during the uninstall period of whats app ?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Vips,
      Once you delete or uninstall whatsapp then your group admin role automatically shifted to random group member. Admin role is not transferable manually so you will not get your admin role back even you join in the same group.
      None of the messages will sent to the user during uninstall period.

  • Manoj

    Dear Vasant, I want to read one of my important mesaages (from my previous phone number) stored in the backup of Whatsapp message stored in my PC. I dont have that number now. How to read from those backup messages ? Pls guide.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Manoj,
      Backup messages nothing to do with your mobile number. Just go ahead and restore PC backup on your new mobile as describe in my article. You will surely get your old messages. Before proceed take your current whatsapp messages backup for future reference.

  • firoz

    i changed my mobile, but i am using the same number whatsapp. can i get the previous mobile chat?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Whatsapp data store on phone storage and not on application server. Take backup of old whatsapp and restore on new phone. Check out details in above article.

  • http://- ALfA

    Hi Mr Vasant Sakpal,

    I just lost all of my conversations n whatsapp… but I don’t want to uninstall & reinstall the Whatsapp, coz I’m afraid of automatically exit from my group of which I’m the admin of the group.

    So is there any ways to restore my backup files and I’m still remain the admin of the group.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Alfa, if you exit the group which you have admin then Whatsapp randomly choose the contact in group and make hi admin and there is no other way to get back your admin position in group.
      For restoring Whatsapp messages, Do you have latest backup with you? If yes then only thing you have to do is copy whatsapp back up content from backup and paste in to your current whatsapp folder on your phone. no need to rename or uninstall whatsapp.
      If you dont have backup then there is no way to recover your old messages and conversation. You might get video and images in gallery as its a default store location for whatsapp.

      • Shiran


        i just tried that and i don’t get my old messages back. I copied the old database folder into my new phone since i don’t want to reinstall whatsapp, and it didn’t work and so i came across your tutorial. Can you please advise? :)

        • Vasant Sakpal

          Hi Shiran,
          Have you rename your existing Whatsapp Folder?
          I assume that you have old whatsapp backup with you, and now rename old whatsapp folder which reside on phone storage. and place your backup folder with original name.
          Please try and let me know the result.

  • Didy

    Thanx 4 the details u shared..
    I ve note 3 pink ..but i noticed whats app does not backup data automatically at 4:00 am..! I ve to do it manually.. i came to know this after i lost some conversation when i reinstall and install the application today..i thought the backup was already there as it used to be on my white note 3 and galaxy 2..
    How i can set my watsapp to backup data atuomatically?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Didy, If you have data on galaxy 2 then just backup from there and restore on note 3 as describe in my article. let me know for any other query.

  • http://[email protected] sujit

    for whatsapp using purpose my friend cleared data and started his account then after sometime i also cleared data and start my account but i lose all messages can i get anyway?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Sujit,
      If you have no messages backup with you then its not possible to recover your messages. apart from messages, pictures and video by default saves in picture gallery. have a look at there.

  • Anonymous


    I accidentally deleted The whatsapp file of my storage (I have a android phone).
    I don’t really know if I did a backup of my videos and pictures. Now the whole file is deleted. I do have my conversations, though.
    Is there any chance to get my images back?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Default location for images and video is your gallary if you have not change it manually. Do check your images and video in that folder.

  • Anil

    Sir, i Lost My Mobile..but i have backup of my database folder into my pc so i brought new smartphone and entered new email id in andriod market and install whatsapp but its unable to restore i have copied database folder from pc to mobile..then also it is unable..What to do..its imp

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Have you rename default whatsapp folder on phone. Then copy ur backup folder at the same place and same name “whatsapp” on the phone.
      Let me know the result

  • Carter

    It seems be so easy! But I am a iPhone users, I ever used a tool named Free WhatsApp Recovery to extracts and recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone for FREE!!!!

  • ju carceles

    I tried and did whats app backup of the old phone (motorola defy), but when transferring, the conversations were not on the new phone (galaxy s2) … what can I do?

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Julian, Please describe at what point you stuck.
      After successfully backup old phone. install whatsapp on new phone with default settings. then after connecting phone to PC find the folder name “Whatsapp” on phone and rename to other name say whatsapp1. then copy backup folder at the same place on phone. make sure that folder name must be “whatsapp”. Done that’s it’s.
      Please follow the steps above and let me know the positive outcome.

  • Saksham Talwar

    Never thought backing p conversations was that easy! I regret deleting chats at times and then never finding them when I needed them again!

  • Siegfriend Lau

    I followed your steps to restore on my new Android phone, all messages and video were there except the images /pics lost, I can saw those blur image but it prompt out you have no media exchange for this contact. The phone said,”Sorry this media file doesn’t exit on your SD card.”
    I confirmed that all images were there, but WhatsApp said no so.

    Pls help

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Siegfriend,
      Whatsapp images and videos are directly download and store in phone gallary and store it permanent even you remove or re install whatsapp. There is particular mapping with whatsapp chat and images and videos which uploaded and downloaded. so every time you look up you past images or videos it work. but if you remove whatsapp and re install that mapping got erase and create the problem.
      Additionally do check that images are still in gallary. I will have to check the verify the workaround in detail.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes WhatsApp can restore the wrong database backup file, and using an older version — meaning that the very latest messages are not restored.

    In this case, you should delete the older backups in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/….db.crypt

    And just leave the most up-to-date file (look at the date stamp in the file name). Then Force Stop WhatsApp, and Clear Data, and relaunch WahtsApp to re-initiate the “Restore backup” process.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Yes you are right, That’s why I preferably told to rename older Whatsapp folder and paste last backup taken folder on the same place.

  • Mohammed

    I got want to recover deleted chay history for whatsapp but I don’t want to do uninstall n reinstall. I tried message recover website but it doesn’t help much and ask to buy licence. Is there any way of being able to read this data created by whatsapp like open it on notepad etc. I need to do it very urgently.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Mohammed, If you don’t have backup copy of deleted chat with you, then its not possible to recover it from user or our end.
      There is one option in my mind, check out the chat history available with opposite chat partner, with whom you had chat.

  • http://yahoo jack

    Dear Vasant,

    I tried as what you described and still cannot work.

    I cannot transfer the internal memory / internal SD card /WhatsApp folder from my old phone to the same folder of your new phone as there is a prompt for copy but no paste in the folder.

    Your expert advice is needed. Thanks

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Jack, As I understood you have an trouble at the time of paste whatsapp backup folder on your new phone.
      Please rename existing whatsapp folder on new phone and try to paste backup whatsapp folder same as original name. If paste option is not visible then it may have your computer issue, try to paste any small file from computer for confirming it.
      Let me know the outcome.

  • Kishore Bhagya

    Wonderful article! Nevertheless can there be another way of utilizing whatsapp upon personal computer devoid of bluestack. thanks 😀

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Kishore,
      Thanks for your valuable time and comment. Keep visiting bro :-)

  • Abdullah Kulaib

    Dear Vasant,
    Thank you for these important information for all.
    but I have quastion, if I can make restore if i change my mobile no. from the old no history???

    Best Regards.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Abdullah,
      Your question answer is yes. Whatsapp backup files is not bind to your mobile number. yoou can change your number.

  • http://Yahoo Jack

    Hey Vasant,

    Are saying that I should delete the Whatsapp folder from my new phone which I have uploaded. Thereafter, copy the Whatsapp backup folder from my PC to the new phone on the same location with the name of folder remain unchanged as default folder.

    Appreciate yourself assistance. Thanks

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Jack. Yes you are correct.
      I’m glad to help you. Please let me know any further help require.

  • jack

    Hi Vasant, I followed your instructions on how transfer Whatsapp Backup to Pc or laptop – this was alright; however, I tried many times to transfer Whatsapp Backup from Pc to another Android Phone and there were no results after opening the app Whatsapp – no old messages, videos backup files and everything. Please help, thanks

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Jack,
      are you found and delete whatsapp folder on new phone?
      copy the whatsapp backup folder on the same location. folder name should be default (No change).
      This steps must works. I personally tried it and confirmed.

  • Sagar Desai

    Hey Vasant,

    Thank you very much for sharing valuable information. I was not known for the fact of Whatsapp backup and restoration. Keep posting!!!

  • Rahul Kundliya

    Wow, that’s great information, i don’t know this feature even i use android samrtphone, thanks for sharing this. Nice blog.

    • Vasant Sakpal

      Hey Rahul thanks for reading my post and leaving your valuable feedback, Keep Visiting bro :)

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