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What’s New iOS 7.1 Update Features

iOS 7 is the most advance mobile OS till date. It has introduced most amazing features in iOS 7 OS. Apple is raising and bringing in new features every now and then. Lately, Apple release iOS 7.1 update packed with improvements and introducing new features also fixed

Memory Card Recovery Software-Recover formatted SD card

Nowadays each digital product is causing an external memory for stashing away your information.Your information can be anything like Photos, Videos, Email, Messages, Documents is all time on risk if you are not backing it up regularly. First of all I would suggest everyone to backup your

Nexus 6: Features to Expect

Google has revealed that it is set to unveil the new Nexus 6 Smartphone in the last quarter of the year. Analysts have estimated the release month in October just the same time last year its predecessor was released. If this is the case, then it can

How to Buy a Penny Auction Software?

Auctions have been one of the alternate source for the buyers to get the product at a cheaper price. With advancement in technology, the traditional auction has moved into online, where websites become the venue to conduct auctions. Penny auction software has overridden the procedural methods of

Things To Look For When Buying an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigs or e cigarettes, are probably one of the greatest inventions in recent times. With their numerous benefits over tobacco cigarettes, more and more people are making the switch to these types of cigarettes, and thanks to the presence dozens of

Which Smartphone Should I buy, Android or iPhone?

According to Gartner, the sales of smartphones will be exceeding one billion in 2014. Though there are multiple mobile devices on the marathon, Android and iPhone are the main focus on the industry since they have a major market share. When there is a talk about buying a mobile,

Why to Choose a Multi vendor Shopping Cart Software

The eCommerce market is filled with ‘n’ number of eCommerce software which helps to  build a shopping cart easily. It has become evident that people seek the instant-shopping cart-builder software as the first preference rather than building the site from the scratch. There are many reasons for

Nexus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: Who would be the best?

Nexus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Two kids in the tech block. One who has been there and done that, the other who is learning the tricks of the trade and is a smart learner to say the least. We are talking about the two brands that

Five Ways to Hide From Facebook Friends You Don’t Like

“Connect with your friends and the world around you on Facebook.” This is the recent slogan of the most popular social networking site in the world. Facebook has indeed made it easier to connect and stay connected with the people you care about. From status updates, pictures,
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