Computer running slow how to fix it ?

My computer running slow how to fix it?

How to improve computer performance?

Ans: - step by step guide for windows user to resolve computer running slow issueclip_image001

  • Temporary files

Remove windows temp files from your PC. For removing files go to Start > Run > type “%tmp%” it will open temp files location. Close all running program before removing all files else you will get error “access denied “for open and used temp files. Have no worry if some files not deleted.

  • Restart Computer

If your PC has not restarted from long time then take a restart. It will truncate unwanted program from virtual memory and clear page file memory.

  • Hard Disk space

Check the hard disk free space, if no or low space on hard drive, free up some space.

  • Background program

Background running program is the major cause for slow down computer performance. Background program started by default while computer startup. You can disable unwanted program at startup from Start > Run > type “msconfig”. It will open system configuration utility window and from startup tab you can unable or disabled startup program.

  • Windows Update

Please install latest patches and service pack. Microsoft recommended your OS should be up to date.

  • Drivers update

Check your hardware drivers’ version and keep updating periodically. Old or out dated drives also cause for slow system performance.

  • Antivirus and Malware


Scan your system for virus, malware and spyware. Virus causes a major slowdown or breakdown for the system performance. You can get free malware and spyware scanner on the internet. Recommended to keep update your antivirus software and dat files update.

  • Hard disk inspection.

Run chkdsk and scandisk for detecting bad sector and fault. Also defragment hard disk for improve read write performance.

  • Registry cleaner

Run registry cleaner program for cleaning OS registry. It will delete uninstalled or deleted software entries.

  • Hardware Upgradation

If you have older computer and low end configuration you can upgrade resources to improve speed and performance. You can upgrade RAM and Hard disk.

Check your application recommended hardware support, slow down issue may be because your computer does not meet application recommended hardware requirement.

Also you have a look on CPU cooling fan. If your processor is overheating it will dramatically decrease your computer performance.

If above steps are not work you can format and reinstall fresh copy of OS. Don’t forget to taking backup before format.


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