How to reset forgotten windows Password on Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 7 and also the latest version, Windows 8?

Often people forgot windows password and caught into trouble. You know how it is frustrating, but there is a workaround to reset the password and get logged into a Windows computer. Let’s evaluate each option one by one.

Default Administrator Account

If your login ID is named user ID apart from “Administrator” you have a chance to reset windows password by log into with default Administrator user ID. Administrator ID is a Super admin user with all rights. Once log into Administrator Go to Control Panel > User Account > select user, you want to reset the password.

Forgotten Administrator Password – Security Access Manager (SAM) File

All user id passwords saved in SAM files in encrypted formats which unable to read or retrieve password. By renaming or deleting SAM file your forgot windows password will be reset to blank and able to log into windows with Administrator user ID and blank password.

To rename or delete these files, attach your Hard disk to any working computer or laptop. Identify your attached hard disk C:\ drive and search SAM files, you will find multiple SAM files under c:\windows\. Do not delete, rename and kept old files for future reference if needed. Swap hard disk as the original and start the computer, Windows creates new SAM files automatically and reset forgot windows password as blank password.

I don’t have technical skill – Third Party Application for reset windows password

If you Google for forgot windows password, it you will get the various windows password reset utility and application. But usability and process to reset password are quite difficult and tricky which are not understandable to the non technical skill person. I have gone through one of the forgot Windows password reset utility (Reset Password Pro) application.  It supports Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 7 and also the latest version, Windows 8.

Reset Password Pro Features

  • Safe and trusted way to reset password any Administrator or User account on your Windows computer.
  • Require no expertise or programming skill and reset forgot password process in few minutes.
  • No Need to install any software or applications on the locked PC.
  • No need to manually edit or change a single file or setting.
  • Only need CD / DVD or USB stick and Reset Password pro application
  • 60 days money back guarantee.

Resetting Your Forgot Windows Password 3 simple steps

  1.  Seller given a unique username and password to our exclusive members’ area. Once logged in, download the Reset Password Pro Burner and after a quick and easy installation you’ll be ready to move onto Step 2!
  2. Using the Reset Password Pro Burner creates what we call a ‘boot disk’. it takes only a few seconds. Input your CD or USB and select either Prepare USB or Prepare CD/DVD. Then it’s a simple case of pressing Burn!
  3. Resetting your Windows password, Start the locked Windows computer and put in your CD/DVD or USB stick with Reset Password Pro on. You will be shown a list of Administrators and Users registered to the locked PC. Simply select an account and press Reset. The password will be safely removed from the chosen account and allowing you to login with no password immediately.

How to reset forgot windows Password Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 7 and also the latest version, Windows 8?

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