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Free barcode Scanner app for android

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Before you download and use the free Barcode scanner app for android, get to know some basic information and usage of the barcode scanner app.

What is the Barcode?

The barcode is widely used all around the world. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and variety of consumable goods have the barcode. The barcode has almost replaced the traditional pricing method (Price tags and manually labeling). Not only for consumable goods, but barcode usage increases every now business to track assets and maintain inventory.

A barcode consists a series of black bars which varying in width, arranged in a square or rectangle grid on a white background. Barcode can read, decoded with the help of barcode scanner. Barcode scanner is the device which generates laser beam lights and read reflections from black and white space of the barcode. Barcode scanner translates received reflected light into digital data. Each barcode has its unique identification number. Now a day’s even supermarkets are generating their own barcode. There are various standards used for barcode for e.g. (Uniform Product Code (UPC) – Retail stores for sales checkout; inventory, etc. And Code 39 – Identification, inventory, and tracking shipments).

What Is Barcode scanner or reader?

Barcode Scanner or reader is an electronic scanning device used for reading barcodes. Barcode scanner Device produces lights (laser beam) and have a light sensor to read and translate light reflections (optical impulses) into digital data. Barcode reader connected to a computer or output devices which use to send digital data for store save and display other related information. There are Many types of barcode scanners available include Pen, Laser, CDD, Cell or smart phones, camera based scanner, omnidirectional scanners and readers.

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Free Barcode scanner app for android

Free Barcode scanner app for Android smart phones available in Google Play App store (Download here). By using the Barcode Scanner app you will get the price information and its reviews instantly. You can additionally also scan QR Codes and data matrix which containing URLs, Contact information etc. Barcode scanner also has features to share your contacts, app, bookmark via QR Code. All this information will help you to select the right product at the right prices. The barcode scanner app is really worth using. Some of the application Screenshot has given below.

Barcode scanner product searchScan QR CodeBarcode scanner BookmarkScan QR code with Barcode scanner

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  • http://www.weetechsolution.com/android-app-development/ Jenny Smith

    Thanks for share to your good source. But Can you tell me how to make auto install Bar-code Scanner? Do I need to add some jar files?

    • http://www.saveintrash.com Vasant Sakpal

      Hi Jenny,
      You can directly access google play app store from mobile and install bar-code scanner. no need to add any jar files.