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Free Internet Hotspot for Windows Laptop Connectify Hotspot Lite

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What do you know about Internet Hotspot?

Internet Hotspot is used WI-Fi technology to provide Internet access connection over a wireless local area network (WLAN). It makes available internet access publicly and portable device used to connect and share the high speed internet connection. Generally you will find the internet Hotspot at restaurant, hotels and airports. For getting connected to the internet hotspot some require client application software and configuration settings. This is mainly because billing and security purpose, but some internet hotspot requires only SSID information in connection. Internet Hotspot provides less secure internet access connection than other internet connection.

Now a day’s many gadgets your mobile phones, tablets and e-reader require internet connection to play games to access social media and much more functions. WI-Fi router is a costly solution to achieve all devices activated on internet hotspot connection. What you are doing to get a cheap solution for this? I have gone through the many options and find the cheap and moveable internet hotspot built in your Windows laptop, which enable and act with the “Connectify Hotspot Lite” free software ( pro version is paid). By using the PC’s wireless card your desktop can be also configured for the internet hotspot provider. Connectify Hotspot Lite enabled such capability also called “virtual router” or “hotspot creator”

Download Connectify Hotspot Lite, it runs under both Windows 7 and 8.

A free internet hotspot for windows laptop here how doing it.

  • Start your laptop and connect internet connection which you want to share with Connectify Hotspot Lite. (Follow your regular steps to connect your laptop to the internet)
  • Go to the Connectify Hotspot Lite website and download the same from Connectify Lite download panel.

Free Internet Hotspot for Windows Laptop: Connectify Hotspot Lite

  • Follow the prompt, download and save Connectify software. Then run the downloaded file to install.
  • If your Microsoft .Net and Microsoft Visual C+ + updates not present on the laptop, then setup itself ask for download and install, setup will guide you through out the installation.

Dot net 4.5 installer prompt

  • If Windows Firewall is on, Connectify setup prompts to allow through the Windows Firewall. (The firewall default setting is allowing the connection through the Home and office network, you have to select Public network as well. If your Laptop part of domain network, then selects Domain network, check box also.)

Windows Security alert firewall

  • Next step Select the free Hotspot Lite option. Connectify internet Hotspot detects your connected internet activated network connection and creates an access point to share internet. (Firewall controls, 3G and 4G connection, WI-Fi repeaters and unlimited internet hotspot uptime features are available in the paid version.)
Use connectifyUse connectify liveWelcome to connectify
  • Connectify internet hotspot shows a configure tutorial on the screen, go through it and create your internet hotspot name and set a password for clients who will connect to your internet hotspot on the laptop. You can cancel the tutoring and from setting tab you can configure and modify settings and password.
  • Internet connection – Already connected internet network will appear by default, however you can choose alternate connection to create internet hotspot and then press Start Hotspot.

customize your Connectify Hotspot settings

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Now Your Laptop turn in to Wireless WI-Fi hotspot router, and ready to share the internet connection to portable devices like mobile phones and tablets.
  • On your device open WI-Fi network connection settings, search for the available connection. Your newly created internet hotspot appears in the list. Connect the hotspot and enter the password which was set on the laptop while configuring internet hotspot. You can add multiple devices to the same internet hotspot on the laptop.
  • Check the “Clients” tab on laptop Connectify hotspot lite application, it shows all the devices currently connected with.
  • If any issue occurs while obtaining an IP address for your portable device, then restart the hotspot services and start internet hotspot again.

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  • http://www.addictedme.com Sagar Desai

    Hey Vasant,

    Very informative post. I really like connectify which is very easy to use.
    Thank you very much.

    • http://www.saveintrash.com Vasant Sakpal

      Yes Its really easy to setup. You can try pro version to get better security and control over internet sharing.