Games that google has made

Google is taking over the world. We don’t mean in a “Skynet, oh no the Terminators are coming” way, but they have expanded way beyond the margins of being “just a search engine”. From wearable tech (Google Glass), to self-driving cars, to mobile phones (through Android), they have their hand in a lot of markets. But they have never lost sight of one fact – it’s good to have fun every once in a while.

The search engine is known for hiding little things within its search engine, and other people have in turn utilized the search engine to create games. Here are a few examples.

Google Pac-Man

The Google Doodle has become something of a institution. Every once in a while, the Google logo will be replaced by a drawing, a little video, or a full-fledged game for a day. A few years ago, the arcade legend that is Pac-Man was given his due, allowing users to run round a maze shaped like “Google”.

game that google has made

Furthermore, Google upped the ante on April Fool’s Day 2015, by allowing users to play Pac-Man on Google maps!

Google Snake

From one retro game to another – to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake, the Google Doodle was changed to become a stylized version of the old mobile phone classic, Snake. You dash around eating coffee to speed you up, and dynamite to slow you down. That’s how snakes typically eat, right?

Google Fued

Hangman has been a staple boredom buster for many years. It has lost none of its appeal, but some bright spark decided to update it a little with the Google Fued game. Generating a random question, the player(s) must try to guess the missing word. The more frequently the phrase is searched, the more points you’ll get. But make three bad choices, and its game over!

Build with Chrome

Ever wanted to see the world as nothing more than a massive Lego playset? Well now you kind of can! Build with Chrome not only allows you to see other people’s creations in the world, but also lets you build your own!

A few fun tweaks

Here are some things you can type into Google for a fun distraction. We won’t tell you what they do, but don’t worry, it’s nothing rude or NSFW.

“Zerg Rush”

“Do a barrel roll”

“Tilt” or “Askew”

“Define anagram”

“Google in 1998”

And finally, for one last game, type “Atari Breakout” into Google Images.

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