How Android Can Leverage Web Developers

The Google Android is a blissful platform that has amazingly evolved as the most popular mobile operating system. There is no dearth of resourceful applications in the Android repository. The Google Play store is the official Google store from where you can get almost any type of app that can efficiently cater your needs.

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Instead of twiddling your thumbs on a train, you can actually perform some real work through the proficient Android applications in your hand. Yes now, it is not essential to set fire to your desktops/ laptops, you can actually work with utmost ease and precision while on the go by reaping the benefits of the mobile applications of the latest generation.

Here is a list of incredible Android applications that can facilitate web designer and developers to efficiently accomplish their job as and when they desire.

  1. Adobe Shadow:

This fabulous software enables developers to conveniently perform testing over their Android mobile devices. You can test a site over a PC or Mac device and it will automatically create the same image on all the connected devices. It is available for free and enthuses web developers across the globe. To enjoy its benefits, what you need to do is, simply install the appropriate extension in Chrome, and sync the Chrome window with your mobile device. It will create the replica of the screen on your device, and thus will allow you to test the site’s functionality on the go.

  1. Hackers Keyboard:

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The traditional keyboard is often considered as a great development tool that can ensure better productivity. Since, developers are well-versed with the traditional keyboard (as they use it daily at their workstations), they can write the code more conveniently and with a blazingly high speed on their devices via this application. Moreover, by downloading this app on your device, you can readily work with command line tools.

  1. AndFTP:

Transferring of files every now and then to and from the mobile devices is a common function that is needed to be performed by almost every developer. Whether you want to retrieve certain files or send certain files across, you will require a reliable channel to effectively and efficiently conduct the interactions. You can do this with ease by deploying the AndFTP application on your device. Simply configure your FTP settings and start transferring the requisite files in merely any time. It is extremely easy to implement and helps deliver great performance.

  1. Dropbox:

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The Drobbox has emerged as a revolutionary application that offer a great platform for sharing files and other documents. Thus, you can conveniently share your files and mock-ups with your clients in a great fashion. Moreover, by syncing your files in the Dropbox, you can easily keep your devices updated. And since, it is compatible with a plethora of devices, you can conveniently access the files as and when desired (even while on the go).

  1. Open Source CMS Tools:

The Content Management Systems (CMS) (including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) have garnered a great popularity in the past few years. These open source web development tools have been around for a while and offer incredible features that help create websites with custom designs and superior functionalities. Use an appropriate Android app and manage your CMS-powered website with ease. You can conveniently create, delete, update or edit your web content, manage its visual appeal, comments and so forth by using these applications.

  1. Harvest:

The Harvest’s online softwares for timesheet management and process time tracking are quite admired by the freelancers, especially by the web designers. And, so is its application that helps one to stay productive on the go and maintain everything related to the project in a few simple steps. Its user-friendly and intuitive UI makes it stand apart from its competitors and allows users to easily maintain a record.

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  1. WebMaster’s HTML Editor:

Add a resourceful tool to your developer toolbox, by investing in this handy HTML editor. It facilitates HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript programming. While using its full version, you can check the complete preview and get code support.

The aforementioned are a few of the useful Android applications that are designed to augment the web developers’ job especially when they are away from their desktops. I have unearthed the most popular apps in the above section, however there are a lot more in the repository. You can also explore the Google Play store or choose a suitable one from the list above and streamline your project on a handy device.

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