How to save yourself from online shopping scams

Shopping is something that every woman craves. Wither young or old, a woman is born with the fetish to look good, and for looking good you have to keep yourself updated. You have to prove to the world you have all the sense of fashion and for that women keep on emptying their pockets over and over again. Housewives, students or working women we all tend to react to a SALE in the same manner. There is no difference in character, race, religion or creed, we are all united when it comes to rush inside a store at the time of a SALE. Likewise, women are the worst enemies when they enter a store at the time of the sale. We want what the other woman has picked up, it doesn’t matter that we have picked up an even better deal but what is in her hand looks much more better (even if it doesn’t). So most of the catfights are basically covet jealousy matters between two women who present their rivalry in the form of a guy they are mutually dating or crushing on etc.

So it gets physically difficult to enjoy a sale and look around stuff in a comfortable environment. Women in groups out on a shopping spree, forget what homes are like, what their children or husband might be doing, when was the last time they had food and even drinking water benefits. It is a messed up situation for them looking out on all the crazy season sales. Therefore, the trend of online shopping has become a huge deal in the past decade. Many websites have surfaced that have become kings of the online shopping world. Many clustered websites have collaborated with numerous global brands and have now become an online virtual mall, where once entered you get to view all your favorite brands, get special discount coupons, irrespective of the sale and enjoy many other perks in the comfort of your own laptop of personal machine. The one greater benefit of online shopping is that most websites also offer worldwide shipping privileges hence, someone living on another continent can avail similar benefits. But there are a lot of other hidden scams associated with the benefits of online shopping. Numerous virtual shoppers have been ripped off with such carefully made up scams that it was impossible to find out their incentives. This is just a small list of how online shoppers can save themselves from getting scammed, online.



There have been many popular incidents that fall under the category of phishing scams. One such can be regarded as a leak of celebrity (nude) photographs from their iCloud IDs. This is only possible when the scammer (group) gets hold of personal information like username, password through a fake form/website and then links it to their numerous other accounts. People might receive anonymous, strange emails leading them to click on a link to avail a 50% off online purchase coupon of, for instance, Nordstorm where they are asked to create a profile, and adding in their credit card information or social security number. This is one such simple example of getting scammed online by luring them into ‘fishing’ bait.

What can be possibly done to avoid such scams is to double check the email addresses through which they might have received the email. If the sender doesn’t have an official Nordstorm domain address, half of the intention and planning becomes evident. Official discount coupons either from Nordstorm or any other renowned website will have web agents assigned with official accounts.

Email scam


I remember receiving pitiful emails from a guy living in a very poor country (seemingly poor where in reality the situation is far better) asking for monetary assistance with a promise that they shall return the money as soon as they get a little better. Numerous people have been scammed with millions of dollar worth of money being transferred into the accounts of such scammers who not only provide fake information but also are backed up by huge gangs in their respective areas. These are bigger scams that are very evidently fought against their local governments but since the world of cyberspace is such an independent and democratic entity, tracking down such culprits is a huge task.

Such emails still exist. Though, people have become well aware of this traditional scamming technique but it has been found that such traditional emails have now been transformed according to the needs of the contemporary world. The examples for such emails are yet to be found.

Remember no one is going to sit down and send you an email all the way to the other corner of the world, with his wife or child dying on a hospital bed.

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It is difficult to gain trust online. Many websites and authentic websites have seen a rough and dry spell where because of 1-2 mediocre or bad reviews there businesses get really tarnished. These reviews aren’t however because of scams but due to unsatisfactory customer services. But reviews are one good way to judge the authenticity of a website. However, one must keep in mind that there are numerous websites that promote their links through paid reviews or even fake reviews. It is better to consult your immediate and close social circle if any of them have ever made an online purchase through the respective website. Once paid many online payment portals like bitcoin/paypal do not actually revert back the payment even in times of scams or disputes, to establish a secure payment solution is also a safer bet to protect you from being scammed.

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Online shopping indeed is a great blessing from the world of technology where you can dress up in your PJs, hold a can of beer, and shop through as many outlets as you desire just from the comfort of your own home. But be sure what you are putting your hands into and consulting a family member, who seems to be good with online businesses or even a friend, is a better option before saving your purchase. So, next holiday season be sure that you are fully able to combat any such scam that either ends up in your inbox or phone.

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