Important Tips on Selecting the Best Cloud Computing Service Provider

Cloud computing has today become a major marketplace strategy for companies aiming to deliver world-class services to their customers over a range of channels. The platform has especially become crucial for companies involving high levels of online traffic. But with the availability of so many options at hand, how does a company know which cloud is best? Read along to find out!

The cloud, similar to any other computing platform, needs to be managed. Once, if you’ve decided to move onto a cloud platform, the next most important decision to make is – choosing the right service provider.

Top Tips on Selecting the Best Cloud Computing Service Provider

The top 4 tips mentioned below, simplify cloud hosting to help you find the best provider:

  1. Service Level Agreement  And Monitoring

Any company that purchases could computing solutions from a provider must make sure to accept a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) or should negotiate on such an agreement. The SLA agreement includes significant penalties in case the cloud provider fails to meet the promised service level.

  1. Support

Make sure you agree on support targets with your cloud service provider well in advance before you move to the cloud. For this, you must align your company’s internal support team to efficiently manage both customers and cloud providers.

  1. Billing and accounting

The billing and account management services should be automated such that it becomes convenient for the customers to monitor what they are using and how much are they paying for it.

  1. Security Management

The companies planning to move to the cloud must be assured of strict and well defined security management services. The levels of security that should be included in a cloud environment are Identity Management, Access Control and Authorization & Authentication.

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