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I really hope you got your Apple phone updated with iOS 7 which released in mid of September 2013. Have you known all new features enhance and introduce in iOS 7? iOS 7 mainly concentrated redesigned user interface and a number of remarkable changes to the operating system’s functionality.

iOS 7 is Capable of doing great things, and the entire little everyday thing too.”

iOS 7 introduces new features such as multitasking, Control Center and AirDrop for iOS. It also has made the changes in functionality things you do every day, even easier, faster and more enjoyable way. Many of the apps appear different, and design it the way you do things and feel perfectly familiar. It helps you to use the world’s most advanced mobile OS with its most advanced form.

iOS 7 dreamboard features

Control center - iOS features

Control Center Only swipes away

Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps which you always need immediate access. The basic function is done like switch to Airplane mode, adjust the brightness of your display, or turn WI-Fi on or off. Just swipe upward from any screen, including the Lock screen. New torch function added on the same screen which can help in the darkness. You can quickly use your Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb function, torch, timer, calculator and camera from the control center.

Control Centre Swap Away -iOS features

Notification - iOS features

Notification Centre

Notification Centre lets you know about missed calls, new emails, your scheduled to-dos and many more. And a new feature called Today gives you a convenient summary of all day schedule and reminder like birthday reminders etc. You can access Notification Centre from any screen, including the Lock screen, Just swipe down. And get up to date. Today view shows you a summary of what you have and missed today alerts from last 24 hours which are not yet addressed.

Notification Centre - iOS features

Multitasking - iOS features

Multitasking, Switch Between Apps

Multitasking has provided ability to switch between apps in an efficient and smart way. iOS 7 Auto learnt according to your schedule and act upon accordingly. Suppose if you used to check your favorite social networking app at 10:00 am every day, then your updated feed will be ready and waiting for you. That’s amazing intelligence and multitasking performs in iOS 7, it knows what you want to do before you do. IOS 7 intelligently schedules, updates during battery on charge and WI-Fi is connected so it helps to improve battery backup hours. For switching between apps and multitasking Press the home button twice check the preview and select to open. To quit an app, just swipe it up and out of the preview.

Camera - iOS features

Camera at your fingertips

Camera in IOS 7 has the capability of shooting still, video, panorama and square front and center formats. With a swipe, you can capture images right in front of you as the way you want. Fast. Additionally, it lets you apply new filters to each image. You can catch it a retro feel, Black and white contrast and much more.

ios 7 dream board

ios 7 dream boardFilters

You can apply filters to still and square photos. Choose a filter and see the effect preview before you take the actual picture. Or just take the shot and apply it later.

Photos - iOS features

Photos Special moments together in Photo library

iOS 7 introducing smart grouping with Moments, Collections and years for your stored photos and videos in one and organized way. Photo library and collections are organized in each year and hold a collection like your trip to California and your graceful moments. You can find a JPG from whenever, wherever in quick time.

Inside a Collection.Tap a Collection, like “Hawaii”, and see photos from your trip organized into Moments according to date and location A year — or yearsTap the Year view and prepare to be amazed. Every photo and video you’ve ever taken appears on screen, almost like artwork.
Collection - iOS features Years - iOS features

iCloud Photo Sharing

You can share your favorite moment’s pictures, videos with your favorite people by creating a shared stream With iCloud. Your new stream, including comments, will be appearing on every friend’s IOS device automatically. The new Activity view lets you see the latest updates from all your shared streams in one place at any time.

AirDrop - iOS features

Airdrop Drop everything

Normally sharing a photo or document we are using email or messaging app. But what if that person next to you, AirDrop for iOS is providing share option without any setup and with encrypted highly secure transfer of your files, photos and contacts.

Share Documents with AirDrop

Enter AirDrop for iOS. Just tap Share, and then select the person you want to share with. Airdrop does the rest efforts using WI-Fi or Bluetooth, it also lets you share documents to groups of people at a time.

Make yourself On Or Off.

You’re automatically visible in AirDrop to your saved contacts who running iOS 7. But you can also have control to make you visible to anyone nearby using iOS 7 or off at all. One tap in Control Centre is all it takes care.

AirDrop - iOS features AirDrop On or Off - iOS features

Safari - iOS features

Safari Web intact

With Safari Browsing experience is better and more beautiful in iOS 7. Buttons and bars look like the unified smart search field and stay hidden until you scroll to reveal them. So the screen is showing more content than ever before. And with a swipe, you can go back or forward a page easily.

 iCloud Keychain.

Almost everything you do on the web requires passwords. Now iCloud can save and remember your account user names, passwords and credit card numbers for you. And Safari will auto enter them whenever you need to sign in to a site or shop online. It works only on all your approved iOS 7 devices, and Mac computers running OS X Mavericks. And with 256-bit AES encryption and its highly secure.

Safari Auto fill - iOS features

Shared favorites Links See all the URLs in your Twitter timeline, who posted them and what they had to say about them real time.Shared link - iOS features
New Multi tab view. See your open web pages in a consolidated tabbed view that lets you scroll effortlessly from one tab to another. To close a   page, just swipe it off-screen.
New multi tab - iOS features
Unified smart search field.You will find the right web pages faster with the unified smart search field and Safari, automatically suggests the closest match to what you’re lookingSmart Search field - iOS features  


App - iOS features

App Store Right app for you

The New Near Me features of App store of iOS 7 shows you collection of popular apps according to and relevant to your current location. You can add them to your wish list and buy later on when you are ready. icloud Automatically sync your wish list, which can access later even your device has changed. Apps are updated automatically. There is no more little red badge notification for apps attention.

iOS features

Lock Screen - iOS features

Find My iPhone, iPad or iPad. Lock screen message.

What if you lose your IOS device? Yes, you can get it back with the help of Find My iPhone. If it not works new security features in iOS7 make it difficult to reuse it or sell your device. To enable it you just have your Apple ID and password. For erasing your device it requires Apple ID and password. Even after erasing your device find my phone continue display customized message on lock screen with your phone number. Means no one can use it and it remains your property only. If you get your device back, which are already erased, Don’t worry, just put your Apple ID and password to reactivate it.

Lock screen message. Activation iPhone Window.
Lock Screen Message - iOS features Activation - iOS features

iOS corporate - iOS featuresiOS 7 Corporate

iOS 7 design many new features which help employees to integrate iOS with their businesses. iOS are provided Features such as better protection of work and personal data, enterprise single sign on support and default data protection.

iOS developers -iOS featuresiOS 7 and Developers

With the iOS 7 SDK, developers can have enabled their development apps to take advantage of all that iOS 7 offers. It includes new multitasking APIs which keeps content up to date in apps, the ability to add realistic motion to apps using UI Dynamics, AirDrop support and more. Download the SDK today to start making your apps the best way as you want.

Compatible devices - iOS 7 featuresiOS 7 is compatible with:

  • iOS 7 features

iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s

iOS 7 Features

iPod touch 5th generation, 16GB iPod touch 5th generation 32GB/64GB

  • iOS 7 Features

iPad 2 iPad with Retina display iPad mini

Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas. Click here to see the complete list.

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