Ios9 Features those can match the expectations of fans

Needless to mention is that iOS 9 is the next big thing, the next edition mobile operating system platform from Apple.  If everything goes fine the operating system will be unveiled during mid 2015. Of course everything is going to be apparent then, but who can really stop the speculation? Fans have already listed their expectations those they want to see with the next OS. Here we present some of those highly wished.

Ios9 Features those can match the expectations of fans

Let the users feel more comfortable

Jailbreaking is something that is something like unofficially official. To be frank everyone wants jailbroken stuffs other than Apple. Taking a dig at the issue in a relaxed manner we can find there are many parts here those iOS supports in other way or possibly going to add sometimes in near future.  On this context, it can let users for jailbreak if they wish it a little earlier. If you take a look at its biggest competitor Android they are a way more flexible in terms of letting their users go for a root.

Revamped iTunes

Music is one of those prime factors someone considers prior spending some bucks for his smartphone. However, Cupertino fans would love seeing something like a native streaming arrangement with the device. Its rival Google/Android has already provided excellent facilities on this regard. To be specific, the fans want the services to be blended with the iTune accounts or have the flexibility to admission into the present iTunes library.

Buzz is that the Cupertino is considering a streaming tune process. It has bought Beats and no wonder if we can see it through Beats music.

Enhanced TextEdit

These are the two options those have been long speculated to be there with Cupertino devices. But, chances are a lot higher this time. Equivalent to these applications have been already seen with other platforms and they have performed well as well. Reportedly, Cupertino is looking to make it more enhanced as apart from just taking a view it allows you to bring changes in a quite multi tasking manner. Let’s hope for the best.

Better maps

Cupertino had to face some real criticism for its verdict to remove the GMaps. Great to see is that the manufacturer accepted the mistake later. However, it’s not just about the mistakes; rather it’s about rectifying this. To be honest, Cupertino has never been up to the mark in terms f maps. In a way, the fans are too desperate to see a nice map feature this time with iOS 9.

The very first demand from the fans on this regard is to turn this in to a default app for the users. Different associated parts like road view, turnings, remapping, and offline dig are those need to be there. In addition, there is a lot of expectation for the better alert type arrangements this time.

Handle the apps:

Not everyone wants his/her wall to be jam packed with loads of application tools. On the other hand, being a manufacturer Cupertino never loves these apps to be deleted. Android users are already taking the benefit and chances are high for the Cupertino fans to be expecting something similar like this with Ios9.

Some sources even claim that Apple wants to make it more exciting by offering the facility for the users to set the default applications.

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