A Look at the Versatile Methods To Highlight text in WordPress

Highlighting text is one of the most common practice is now followed by many websites these days to grab attention of visitors on important line or text within the post. There are many tech bloggers who write an awesome tutorial on several important topics and if you are one such tech bloggers who own WordPress site, highlighting text on the post or page is what you can choose to attract web traffic.

This post will give you a complete guide to highlight text with different colors in WordPress.

Benefits of highlight text in WordPress site

A recent survey shows that a site with highlighted text within the post attracts more visitors than the post with plain text.

Question: Why highlighting text with certain color in the post is beneficial to the WordPress site?

So here is the answer:

Highlighted text helps user to retain the information from a specific set of content.

WordPress website has lots of inbuilt features which make it stand out of the crowd from the other CMS based platform websites.

WordPress supports HTML text editing in the post which means you can highlight the text background and several other things by HTML tags.

Now, there are two methods of highlighting text in WordPress first one is by installing WordPress plugin, and the second one is by manual method.

Let us discuss both the methods one by one.

Method 1: Manually

CSS Approach

A Look at the Versatile Methods To Highlight text in WordPress

If you are familiar with editing the CSS file, then this method is just for you, here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Either create a new or edit your main CSS style sheet.
  2. Create a new class named it as highlight-text.
  3. Add background color code in the class highlight-text {background-color:#FFFF00;}
  4. Switch to the text editor in the post and add these syntax <Span class=”highlight-text”>… text to highlight</span>

In-line Styling

Adding plugin leads your WordPress site a bit heavy to load which indirectly reduces the website performance in front of both search engines as well as in front of the visitors.

This is a pure HTML style, switch to the text editor, add following HTML syntax before and after the text to be highlighted.

Ex. <span style=”background-color:yellow;”> … your text here </span>

As everything has disadvantages which is also true in case of inline editing. Whenever you want to change the text background, you have to do it manually in each individual post.

Method 2: Plugin

You can highlight text in WordPress easily with the help of plugins. Although there are several plugins available to highlight text within the post. Here is one best WordPress plugin which I have found as very useful and can be used to highlight text easily:

RAD Text Highlighter

If you are comfortable in adding plugin, then this method is just for you.

This plugin allows you to easily highlight content with any color without playing with the text editor.

A Look at the Versatile Methods To Highlight text in WordPress

Search for the RAD text highlighter install it as you install any other plugin. To highlight specific set of text in the content, all you need is do just select the text and add it in between two shortcode brackets and you are done.

You can also use this plugin to highlight text on the page as well as the text in the sidebar.

Let’s Sum it Up!

Even though, there are countless methods are available to highlight an important set of text in the WordPress post. I have shown some of the easiest way, which a newbie blogger can perform without much difficulty

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