New to online shopping – Here is a Guide to buy from Indian shopping sites

For many people from cities with hot and humid temperature, the weather makes it almost impossible to venture out for anything. This is why many Indians these days are venturing into online shopping, thereby turning this to be a trend in the nation. Furthermore, with the online shopping sites offering better discounts and online couponing sites that help in saving on the purchases, it is turning out to be even more imperative not to get carried away. If you are new to online shopping, here is a guide to purchase from Indian shopping sites:

New To Online Shopping Here Is A Guide To Buy From Indian Shopping Sites

Keep an eye on the best discounts:

Most of the Indian online shopping sites offer ‘deal of the day’. As and when you visit an online shopping site, just go through the deals available for that day before proceeding. This may help you in saving on the cost of purchasing the item that you are planning to buy.

Moreover, there are couponing sites like that will provide you with coupons for different online stores in India and you can also plan your shopping based on the coupons you can find from the couponing sites.

Be careful about the conditions behind the product:

When you come across some offers and decide to place order for a particular product on the basis of the offer or discount available for the same, remember to check the product label to find whether the deal is applicable for that product before clicking the ‘buy’ button. If it is specified as ‘buy one saree and get one free’, just check whether the offer is available for the saree that you are planning to buy.

Get familiar with the return policy:

The best shopping sites in India, of course, have dependable return policy. Customer satisfaction is the key for these websites and if the customer is not satisfied with the product, they provide the opportunity for the customer to return the item and get a replacement. Even, some of them offer refund as well. So, it is better to check the return policy specified in the website before placing order for any item. This is particularly important in the case of costumes and footwear as they might not fit your size.

Choose COD to play safe:

COD stands for ‘Cash on Delivery’. When you place order for an item, you can just choose this payment option. This option will allow you to pay for the item to the delivery-person, who brings the item to your home. Even though, other payment options like credit card/debit card/Net banking facilities are available to pay for the item when you place order, COD can be the safe method. This holds true when you are placing order with a website for the first time. Once you get satisfied with the service offered by the website, you can choose other payment methods.

Product authenticity:

Even though, you might be tempted to place order for a particular item with a specific site just because they offer discount for the product, it is better to compare the rate of the product with different websites. This will help you in identifying whether the website offers the product at a hard-to-believe cost. When this is the case, there are chances of the product to be fake. So, it is important to check the product authenticity before placing order.

Seller authenticity/rating:

Generally, many reliable online shopping sites in India provide the platform for different sellers to sell their stuff. When you shop for an item, you will find the same product under different cost range from different sellers. Do not place order with a seller just because he offers the product at the best cost. Just check the rating earned by the seller and feedback. If there are more of negative feedbacks, it is better to keep away from that particular seller and you can place order for the same item with another seller with positive feedbacks and good rating.

Remember the above-mentioned online shopping tips, when you are placing order online for the first time. Once you get used to this mode of shopping, you will get better understanding and expertise in this mode without any doubt whatsoever. Happy shopping online!

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