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Petzl Tikka head torch an excellent headtorch

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For any activity where you require two free hands – climbing, caving, mountaineering, cycling, cooking, Camping, and walking on slippery, uneven terrain in the dark, a Head torch is a must. The Petzl Tikka head torch is an excellent head torch, and this one has the right combination of excellent features and low price. The Petzl Tikka head torch is lightweight, water resistant, tough, rechargeable, versatile and powerful head torch.

Petzl Tikka Head Torch

Overview Petzl Tikka Head Torch:

The Petzl TIKKA head torch integrates two light sources, Headlamp with 1 high-output LED, 1 red LED and five lighting modes (there are continuous and two blinking)

The white LED delivers 70 Lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 40 meters, which is an excellent distance cover. Red light is to preserve night vision. In the economic model, it can stay a long burn time of 185 hours. Petzl head torch compatible with lithium batteries due to its weight are decrease and performance is improved especially in cold weather. Lightening modes are accessed by a simple electronic push-button switch.

petzl tikka head torch

Features of Petzl Tikka Head Torch:

  • Versatile and powerful:

    Petzl Tikka has three white lighting modes (Maximum, economic and strobe). Also have two red lighting modes (maximum and strobe). For use the lightning mode, you have to press push button or 2 seconds. The last used lighting mode is stored in memory even you switched off Petzl Tikka Head torch. Petzl Tikka head torch used one high-output white LED with 70 Lumens in maximum mode which shine up to 40 meters. In economy mode, it keeps lighting 185 hours.

  • Easy to use:

    Petzl Tikka head torch functions are easy to use, electronic push-button switch for changing lighting modes. We experience that the battery pack is very easy to open and ADAPT system is quick to mount. Also Light beam can be aimed.

  • Reliable:

    Petzl Tikka head torch push-button switch restricts inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage. It has the battery charge indicator light (comes on when the headlamp illuminates for less than 5 m and there is only 50 % burn-time remaining for proximity lighting)

Compatible and comfortable:

The Petzl Tikka head torch is operated on three alkaline AAA/LR03 batteries AAA/LR03 batteries and it’s compatible with lithium batteries. It performs better in lower temperature. It has tough, built, compact, lightweight and comfortable with adjustable headband.

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  • Weight: 83 g
  • Beam pattern: wide
  • Max. Light quantity: 70 Lumens
  • Max. Lighting distance: 40 m
  • Max. Battery life: 185 h
  • Number of batteries: 3
  • Battery type (included): AAA/LR03
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH,
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cod
  • Water tightness: IP X4 (water resistant)
  • Certification (s): CE

Variety of models of Petzl Tikka head torch available on Amazon

Official website for Petzl Tikka head torch Click here 

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