Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S5 Smartphone which is in the news nowadays. Though many rumours were in the market related to this phone, some of the rumours came true while some could not be achieved by Samsung. Samsung is ready to launch its new next gen Smartphone this year under its flagship of Note series that is Galaxy Note 4. No doubt, the phone is superb. Here are some of the features of this phone:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

Camera: Samsung Note 4 will comprise a fantastic 16 MP primary camera which will give shake less pictures and awesome quality in natural light. It will also support a 3 MP front camera for video conferencing.

64 bit Processor: Samsung will land into the 64 bit processor architecture with this model of Galaxy series. It will be the first phone in India that will be supporting 64 bit architecture after Apple iPhones. 64 bit processor means more Ram compatibility and supporting many more apps and other functionality upgrades.

Waterproof: Yes. Galaxy note 4 will be a waterproof phone that means you can even have a bath with your phone in your hand. Kidding, but you may use a damped cloth to wash your phone whenever you feel that it’s getting dirty.

Shockproof: Along with the waterproof feature, Samsung also made this phone a shockproof phone. That means, you don’t have to worry even if you dropped your pone by mistake from a particular height or your child is playing with your phone and throws it away if he didn’t score well while playing any android game in it.

Curved Display: Samsung has made its design a trademark. So all the phones are launched with almost same details with slight differences in height, width or length. No doubt, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the slimmest phone till date. But rumours tell that this phone may be having a flexible or a curvy display body.

Bigger Battery: Battery is one of the most important things in any android phone. You will not be able to enjoy the functionality of your phone if your phone can’t even stand for a complete whole day. To overcome this problem, Samsung is bringing a bigger battery that’s around 3600 mAh which is more than enough to work for a whole day and let you enjoy having fun with your new phone.

Fingerprint Scanner: Yes, Galaxy Note 4may feature a fingerprint scanner on its screen so that after face unlock, you may be allowed to use this feature to unlock your phone with your fingerprints just like a gadget in English movies so increasing the security feature. So next time you may challenge your friends to unlock your phone and boast this feature in front of them and enjoy the jealousy on their face.

Larger Display size: A Smartphone with a small display will never be preferred by anyone for any purpose. Galaxy Note 4 will be having a super amoled 5.5 inch display which is superb for everyone for any kind of usage like watching movies, playing games or any other thing.

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