Smart Home Security Systems: A Look at the Top 3

With today’s abundant increase in burglaries, home invasions, as well as concern with protection against fire and carbon monoxide; it is no wonder that people are in search of a top-notched home automation service. Home automation makes one feel safe knowing that they are able to monitor their property from any destination using a computer or a mobile phone.

Smart Home Security Systems

Via Mashable. The Canary home security system.

The market is flooded with numerous types of home automation companies, each advertising benefits and features that set themselves apart from their competitors. They offer a plethora of catch phrases to impress the buyers, discounts, financing with low or no interest rates for the first year, and free installation with no strings attached. Therefore, a comparative research should be the first protocol before buying. To give the reader a better insight into which home automation option is best fitted to meet their need, the top three have been highlighted in the following discussion.


Frontpoint offers high quality home automation using Zwave technology, which is wireless and very affordable. One can gain access to their system using either a Smartphone, remote control, computer or a tablet. Some functionalities include lights monitoring, video surveillance, temperature gauging, and door security. The system is easy to set up and cost effective with flexible contracts; furthermore, it is rated as one of the most advanced level of technology in its field.


Vivint has been providing their customers years of home automation service using Vivint Go!Control panel. This wireless system allows electronics to communicate in the home by generating a network that connects and allows them to work together. Vivint home automation plans can be customized to meet the need of their patrons with a competitive fee. Some features of their plan includes a Go! Control panel, a video camera, a motion detector, a door lock, and three door/window sensors.


Canary home automation system is an all-in-one security, loaded in a single device, which sends warnings to a smartphone. It is easy to set up at an affordable price and requires no installation. All that is needed is to place the Canary on a shelf, plug it in the outlet, and then connect it to a Wi-Fi. It has the capabilities to gauge temperature, air quality, motion, and humidity. It comes with a 90+ dB siren, recorder, camera, sensor, microphone and a HD video.

This information should provide homeowners who are contemplating the purchase of a home automation system the knowledge that is needed to decide which company and plan that will work best for them. After all, it is worth the investment.

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