How to take screenshot on android phone?

If you want to capture or save your android phone screen, app settings, or installation steps with screenshots then how to achieve it. Have you ever thought or questioned how to take screenshot on Android phone? Don’t worry; Here I have collected the information to help you out. Surprisingly Android phone have inbuilt option for taking screenshots which capture and save screenshot image in image gallery.

Taking a screenshot on android phone or capturing screen process is variable for different android OS versions and mobile phone handset as well.

Take a Screenshot on Android OS 2.3 and below

Unfortunately android OS 2.3 and below does not have inbuilt screenshot option. But in many Samsung phone have the screenshot option by pressing the HOME key and the POWER key at the same time. If does not work, then according to your device model you can Google search for the screenshot option or app for it.

Take a screenshot with Android 4.0 and above (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above android versions have inbuilt screenshot facility. For taking screenshots, press volume down key and power key at the same time for a second and screenshot saved in phone gallery. Afterwards you can send and share with whomever you want. Again, some of the handset likes Samsung have the (Home key and a power key press at the same time) opted for take screenshot even if the latest OS installed.

How to take screenshot on android phone

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Screenshot app for Android

If your Android phone not supported inbuilt screenshot option or you want to some advance screenshot options, then you have to rely on Android screenshots app. I have gone through the couple of screenshot on android apps and choose best apps for you.

Screenshot Ultimate App for Android

It’s a completely free app and supported to rooted and non-rooted handset (phone and tablets). It has also allowed to modify and edit taken screenshots like crop, draw, add text, add information (android version, date/time, etc.), mirror, rotate, overlay image, switch colors, use your own editor, effects (sepia, grayscale, etc). A screenshot ultimate taken screenshot can be shareable with email, Picasa, WhatsApp and other sharing media. It provides an option to set default save folder location, support multiple screenshot at a time and set the password option for security and confidentiality and many more. Download and experience app, click here for screenshot ultimate.

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