What’s New iOS 7.1 Update Features

iOS 7 is the most advance mobile OS till date. It has introduced most amazing features in iOS 7 OS. Apple is raising and bringing in new features every now and then. Lately, Apple release iOS 7.1 update packed with improvements and introducing new features also fixed bugs reported with IOS 7 OS. Allow me introduce these  new features to you.

Introducing Apple CarPlay

Nowadays you can use your Apple phone while pushing and make fuller use of your iPhone. This feature is available for 2014 new cars selected. You have to plug in your iPhone with built in auto display and bring full control to your iPhone. Apple Car Play features smoothly allow you to get access of directories, make and receive calls, Messages, Apple maps and listen music while focusing on your driving and.

Ease of access Apple CarPlay

You will deliver complete dominance over an iPhone while riding with ease. CarPlay features Siri Voice control is amazing, It also control with cars in built controls like knobs, touch screen or buttons.

 What’s New iOS 7.1 Update Features  What’s New update iOS 7.1 Features  What’s New iOS 7.1 Update Features
Voice: – Use steering wheels, voice control button to activate voice command Touch: – You can control CarPlay by touch screen Knobs and controls: – If cars knob and control your screen, then it too works with Car Play

Apple Maps

By apple maps on the screen you will get turn by turn direction estimated time, traffic information. It also predicts your destination where you almost go by your contacts, calendars, messages and emails.

Phone Calls, messages and music.

Siri voice features help you to use your iPhone completely hand free for all calling function like to receive calls, clear calls, voice mail. It can as well utilize it to reply send or take messages.You can set your playlist or ask Siri to play your favorite songs and album. Siri listens you command by carrying down the home button and publish it once done speaking.

CarPlay Compatibility

The CarPlay will be available on these marques 2014 models. “Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo”. Many more brands will support in close future.

iPhone 5, iPhone 5 S and iPhone 5 c support the CarPlay features till date.

Another iOS 7.1 Update features

What’s New iOS 7.1 Update Features What’s New update iOS 7.1 Features What’s New update iOS 7.1 Features
iOS 7.1 adds the automatic HDR enable function for taking pictures on iPhone 5s. Updated Look and feel features of the interface New watch for monthly calendar events

Bug Fixes and improvements

  • Fingerprints touch recognition improved
  • An occasional home screen crash reported bug has been repaired.
  • Performance and responsiveness improved for iPhone 4 users.

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