Which social media platform has the best mobile experience

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Social media platforms are taking over the world, it seems almost everyone, everywhere, is using some form of social media platform to share their life or pictures with their friends, or even for business purposes in marketing a service or goods.  Traditionally social media platforms were developed on desktop only, however, in this modern world where most people have a ‘relationship’ with their phone, it seemed only natural for these social media platforms to begin expanding into a mobile platform.  Now mobile social media is so popular there are many social media platforms that can only be assessed via a mobile phone device, some examples of these include Instagram, Vine and the growingly popular snap chat, there is plenty of information available on the web which will allow you to start your adventure with snapchat .

Now the trend has shifted completely and more people are choosing to use mobile devices for their social media experience over the traditional desktop.  Facebook, for example, has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of mobile users and as a result have not only bought out an app for their site but have even developed further mobile phone apps, such as Facebook Messenger, to create a more user-friendly and enjoyable experience, engaging more mobile users in their social media platform.  It is incredibly difficult for social media platforms to develop the platform so that it works on both a desktop and a mobile, particularly when ensuring that the platform is highly responsive on both platforms.  As such some social media sites are more responsive, reliable and fun to use than others, here we will highlight fifteen platforms that have proven to be the best in mobile experience, some of these you will already be familiar with.

social media platform has the best mobile experience


  1. Facebook: one of the first social media platforms release a mobile friendly website and mobile applications, allowing full access to the social media site and all of most of its functionalities.
  1. Twitter: like Facebook, this has been one of the leading social media platforms for years, with Twitter’s applications providing a high quality mobile user experience.
  1. Instagram: this is one of the most successful social networking mobile apps for sharing photos and short 15s videos videos. It has some pretty cool filters to enhance you images and videos.
  1. Pinterest: providing a mobile experience in sharing images, videos and collections, otherwise known as a pinboard.
  1. Tumblr: a micro-blogging platform that allows user to post content into a short blog, users can follow one another or can make their blogs private.
  1. Vine: allows you to create and share six second videos with your friends and family.
  2. Snapchat: allows you to share your photos and videos and also set a time limit on how long people can see your uploads for, with this app you can create customised stories using images and videos.
  1. Secret: a platform that allows you to anonymously share your feelings and thoughts with everyone in your contacts.
  1. Shots: a mobile social networking platform designed for all the ‘selfie’ addicts out there, you can share selfies, reply on others selfies and send private messages.
  1. WhatsApp: an app that lets you chat, create group chats and share images and videos with you friends, for free, this has all the functionality of text and picture messaging, without the costs.
  1. WeChat: very similar to WhatsApp with the added functionality of a voice messaging service.
  1. We Heart It: similar to Pinterst, but perhaps considered artsier, here you create canvases and can ‘heart’ and share images with friends.
  1. Tinder: a dating app that uses your personal Facebook information and matches local people together, allowing them to chat via the app.
  1. Whisper: very similar to secret, this allows you to anonymously share your views and feelings.
  1. Bubbews: a relatively new site allowing users to create posts (or bubbles), and share, comment and follow other bubbles.

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