Why Facebook remove the option, hide your profile searches

User privacy is the biggest concerns of all social media networking sites. Facebook has its own privacy setting “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” This setting was created when Facebook was a simple directory of profiles and it was very limited but restrict your profile searches by restricted users directly. It will not prevent people to search your time line. Anyone can click your name on the news feed, tag photos and stories, mutual friends and see your time line. Today, people can also search you by using graph search (for example, ‘People who live in New York’), this query will include and show your time line even you enabled privacy by name.

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It’s Time to remove Option to hide your profile searches.

option to hide your profile in searches

Facebook, Inc announced that it was finishing a process to make all Facebook profiles searchable by all users anywhere. Users who are enabled and uses “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” function will soon get notifications explaining that their security will be removed. This setting isn’t useful further and that require privacy controls can be enabled on posts and shares. This will be more effective and secure way. Anyone who wants to secure the posts they have shared in the past can do this on their privacy settings page. It allows to only see your post with friends only.

privacy settings page

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    As sagar says, it was really unknown topic to me also.
    I also strongly bileaves that facebook does it due to their privacy policy.

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    Really well written post. Iwas not aware about this option.

    • http://www.saveintrash.com Vasant Sakpal

      Thanks Sagar, Glad to here that this post helpful to you.

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